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Flexible Roller Conveyors

Flexible roller conveyor systems extend and bend to your requirements, with options in gravity rollers and skatewheels and powered rollers available.

With a robust construction, these expanding flexible gravity and powered conveyors provide cost effective extending conveyor solutions. They are very easy to quickly manoeuvre in or out of trucks for more efficient, safer, easier loading and unloading.

Whether you need a roller conveyor available every hour or just a few times a week, these units will help you to reduce vehicle turn around in packing environments and increase productivity in production areas. The boxes on these mobile expanding conveyors follow the line of the conveyor whatever that may be. So of you want to work around an awkward pillar in your workshop or warehouse, no problem.Key features of expanding flexible roller conveyor systems

Expandable roller conveyors can also be manufactured in custom lengths to suit your individual flexible conveying needs.

If your application requires a length that is not listed in the above chart, please call for assistance. We are here to help you get the best value for money.