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2200 Series Centre Drive Belt Conveyor System

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2200 Series Centre Drive Belt Conveyor System

The world wide selling Dorner 2200 series belt conveyors are low profile conveyors fortified with Dorner innovation and quality. The 2200 series illustrates Dorner’s tour of enhancements and features for diverse applications and requirements. From a very wide range of motors in 1ph, 3ph and DC. Drive options for the belt drive including end drive, mid drive, centre drive, gang drive and common drive. The already compact 32mm rollers at infeed and outfeed can be reduced to knife edge rollers 8mm in diameter if required. The 2200 series is probably the most versatile standard belt conveyor platform in the world, with options for modular belts, timing belts and now a pallet conveyor system based on the 2200 series frame. We offer an industry leading 10 year warranty on all Dorner conveyors. No other company in the industry offers a longer warranty. Terms and conditions apply. A vast array of side guides can be used to help marshal your product in the correct direction and the range of standard design stands and supports can help you to construct the perfect low profile conveyor. Why not design your own 2200 series belt conveyor with the conveyor belt design tool

• 32 mm diameter head and tail pulleys are standard, knife edge tail pulleys available as an option. • 45mm – 610mm belt width as standard • 457mm – 9,144mm conveyor length as standard • Loads up to 54 kg as standard • Optional gang drive or common drive • i-Drive version available • CE Models Available

• Low profile design for better access inside machinery. • Large variety of end drive and tails drive designs. • Cleated belts available • Choice of drive locations such as end, centre and mid drive. • iDrive option now available. • Many motor options for different electrical supplies. • Standard design guarantees future spares availability. • High speeds as standard possible. Gravity roller models also available • Marking and labelling • Packaging and packing • Part Accumulation • Precision parts handling • Small Part Transfers • Small Part Handling and Positioning • Part/Package Infeed and Outfeed • Automated and Manual Assembly

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