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Vacuum Belt Conveyor System

Vacuum Belt Conveyor System

Belt Conveyors with Vacuum Capabilities 

Vacuum belt conveyor systems based on standard designs with more options than any other UK suppliers or manufacturers and at very competitive prices.

Vacuum conveyor belts use an internal vacuum inside the conveyor frame to pull products down onto the perforated belt surface securely.

Used generally where the product is light and needs to be fixed in position on the belt for marking applications in print, automotive, plastics and packaging applications. Vacuum belt conveyor sytems are also commonly used where the product needs to be stabilised on the belt after a process such as blow moulding or feeding from another process. Vacuum conveyor belt systems when inverted can also pick up some light flat products from above.

With options based on 2 different frame models, with various designs of belts, multiple drives, stands and side guides manufactured to high specifications. We offer an industry leading 10 year warranty on all Dorner conveyors. No other company in the industry offers a longer warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

Options for hole pattern, blowers and ducting can be specified to cater for many different applications. Our expertise and experience will find the right vacuum belt conveying product for the job and help you pay less in the process. Our delivery times are short and you can be assured of receiving quality equipment with the peace of mind given by a full warranty.

Belt conveyor with vacuum system.

If you are not sure which way to go with your project, we are only a phone call away with experienced, plain talking advice that’s free, non technical and friendly. If this looks like what you are looking for then why not get in touch for a quote? Our contact details are at the top of the page.

Features & Specifications

  • Available on Dorner industrial and sanitary stainless steel belted conveyor platforms
  • Aluminium extruded frame with T-Slot construction or stainless steel frames
  • End and centre drive compatible
  • Vacuum source is provided by an optional regenerative vacuum blower with optional hose and valve kit
  • Reference the conveyor specification sheet for additional details and specifications

Custom Vacuum Belt Engineering

Every vacuum conveyor is different engineered to the exact needs of the customer’s part handling requirements. This includes printing on paper and other media, handling empty plastic bottles, moving insulation materials, and holding/guiding injection moulded parts. Dorner can combine vacuum belt conveyors with expert controls and servo motor technology to ensure precision part location.

In-House Vacuum Belt Production

All vacuum belts are made at Dorner to ensure hole pattern quality and resulting optimum part holding ability. Dorner oversees all belt cutting quality assurance, which means more reliable vacuum conveyor systems for our customers.

Belting Specifications

  • Standard belting is recommended to save cost and allow for fast production
  • V-Guided and Non V-Guided belts are available depending on the hole pattern
  • Friction belting material is available for stiffer parts like plastic caps, plastic bottles, ceramic wafers, glassware, etc.
  • Electrically conductive ESD belting is also available for thin products like paper, light cardboard, cloth, plastic film, etc. where static build up can occur
    • Note: Belt must be finger spliced