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Stainless Roller Conveyors

Stainless Roller Conveyors

Stainless steel roller conveyors & roller conveyor systems

Stainless steel roller conveyor systems from AS Conveyor Systems are used in clean environments such as food, pharmaceuticals and medical.

Utilising low profile stainless steel frames and either stainless rollers or plastic rollers to FDA standards, these conveyor systems can withstand the corrosive chemicals used in the necessary cleaning processes in sanitary areas.

Roller conveyors in stainless steel can be specified as powered with motors that are graded accoring to the washdown environment that the customer has.

For example, the motor used in a wipe down area would be different to one used in an area where a power wash regime esists. Available with stainless steel frameworks and legs, these sanitary conveyors can be specified with quick release rollers and guiding for fast cleaning.

Waterproofed controls and automation can also be provided.