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Narrow Modular Conveyor Belt

Narrow Modular Conveyor Belt

AS Conveyors Offers a Range of Narrow Slat Belt & Modular Plastic Belt (MPB) Conveyors

MPB conveyors are based on the best selling Dorner 2200 and 3200 frames but with low friction modular plastic belting instead of a PVC belt. Slat conveyors use an acetal plastic slat and is the older style forerunner of the more developed Flexmove conveyor system also supplied by AS Conveyors. These slat chains are still popular on stainless steel frames systems for cleaner environments as they have fewer links where dirt can sometimes collect.

Narrow plastic modular conveyor bend.

The MPB belt offers cut resistance and low friction benefits to the customer together with the toothed drive precision and traction. When used as an accumulation conveyor system it can ensure a steady supply of product to a machine or hold back a supply of product when a machine stops.

We offer an industry leading 10 year warranty on all Dorner conveyors. No other company in the industry offers a longer warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

The low friction belts can be complimented by high friction types with rubber inserts in the belt surface to increase belt to product grip. The 2200 series frame allows the 2200 MPB conveyor to offer some of the thinnest frames available with a wide variety of stands and guiding.

The wide range of drive options for the 2200 series mean that there’s always a drive configuration for your application. The 3200 frame is a larger version for heavier applications.

We also offer other modular belted conveyors with steel and stainless frames for other applications. Please contact us with your requirements.

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