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Used & Reconditioned

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If you are on a tight budget then our used and reconditioned options for roller and belt based conveyor systems may be what you are looking for.

Used Conveyors

The most economical way to source conveyors is to buy a used unit. We have used conveyors available at great prices. We don't resell a used conveyor unless it's been tested as running and free of mechanical faults. You may have to compromise a little on the dimensions and speed for example if the conveyor is powered, but you will save money, sometimes as much as 60% when compared with a new conveyor.

Reconditioned Conveyors

When we offer reconditioned option to our customers they can be assured that the conveyor has had full or partial disassembly, including cleaning of essential parts and assessment of motor, bearings, belts, chains etc. New parts are supplied where there is doubt about any components. The frames are fully resprayed. Finally, the whole conveyor is re-tested before release. Again, you may have to compromise a little and choose from the used core units available to us, but you can still pick up a bargain.

And of course, used and reconditioned conveyors are often available much faster than new conveyors.

Enquire about Used & Reconditioned

Please fill in your details below to enquire about Used & Reconditioned. Add as many details as possible and we will reply to your questions within 24 hours.