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Flexible conveyors

  1. Flexible Chain and Slat Conveyors

    Flexible Chain and Slat Conveyors
    Here at AS Conveyor Systems we regularly design intricate custom layouts where bulky more traditional automation systems just simply won’t fit. Some application designs dictate product to be moved in and around equipment and machinery. To accommodate this need, conveyors need to be flexible and make tight turns – which is ideal for flexible chain and slat conveyors. Automation applications within...
  2. Flexible Conveyors - The Perfect Unloading Conveyor Solution

    These flexible conveyors are perfect for increasing efficiency when unloading boxes. Unique features of these conveyors include: Self tracking – Boxes follow the shape of the flexible conveyor path without using side guides. Adjustable Height – Adjustable locking bolts to raise or lower the height of the conveyor. Castors with brakes – 127mm x 38mm swivel castors roll easily. Castor brakes lock both...

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