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  1. Stainless conveyor belt easy cleaning

    Stainless conveyor belt easy cleaning
    Here's an interesting photo that illustrates the cleaning features found on Dorner's stainless steel belt conveyors that may not be found on all conveyors. The stainless frame has cutout areas along the length to allow cleaning inside the frame with the belt still in situ. Also, the tail end has a tip up roller, this slackens the belt so that...
  2. Pallet conveyor systems with next pallet hold back

    We recently supplied a set of 5 gravity pallet conveyors to a distribution centre near Manchester. The pallets could be heavy and because they were marshalled on a mezzanine floor, they had to be handled with manual pallet trucks. When using manual handling it’s important to make it as easy as possible for the opeators to do their job, that’s...
  3. Special build 3200 series magnetic belt conveyor.

     Quoted this week - a special version of the Dorner 3200 series belt conveyor with magnets embedded into the conveyor frame.There is not normally a magnetic option on the 3200 series conveyor belts, but a special application this week required one with 4 rows of permanent magnets. Specification:75XXX010 3200 Series CE end drive conveyor with V-guide belt tracking,1219mm wide belt1,801mm longOutput...
  4. Gravity conveyor with special features.

    Shipped recently was a gravity conveyor system with some special features.Gravity conveyors are the most popular and lowest cost conveyors available, but are capable of great versatility in the right situations and applications.This particular conveyor was for a special pallet handling area where the product being conveyed was oily.It's not common to have a pallet conveying application where the product...
  5. Timing belt conveyors carry fixtures.

    This is a picture of a recent order where the customer required accurate positioning of a product on a conveyor belt system so that processes could be carried out.The precision of the positioning required was such that positioning the product on a normal conveyor belt was not going to be possible. The product was an irregular shape and would not...
  6. Dorner's 1100 series miniature belt conveyors with centre drive.

     The 1100 Series conveyors from Dorner offer production engineers and machine builders the thinnest standard frame on a mass produced belt conveyor available. It measures just 19mm frame depth and can fit in tight spaces inside machinery and also help free up room for other machines or access by operators. The conveyors have anodised-aluminium frames, FDA-approved plastic bearing housings and...
  7. Shipped : Conveyor Belt with high sides for Royal Mail.

     Our programme of conveyor belts and conveyor belt systems include a heavy duty range for more harsh applications.One such application was for the Royal mail recently, where a conveyor belt was required to work continuously for 24 hour periods for large parts of the week, every week.The Royal Mail demands that machinery on their sorting lines are very reliable and...
  8. Timing conveyor belts with accurate attachments.

     Sometimes, it's a requirement from our customers to provide a conveyor belt system that's capable of delivering a product in a precise position.This can be important for inspection systems where a vision system looks at the product to ensure compliance. Another example would be where a robot or pick and place system needs to remove the product and expects to...
  9. Conveyor belt design tool gets better.

    The new online conveyor belt configurator tool, called as DTools, has now been expanded again and includes the company’s accurate positional conveyor platform – the 2200 Series Precision Move.DTools is a group of easy to use online conveyor design tools designed to help users select, design, configure and apply conveyors belts.It's a new and intuitive 2D and 3D CAD platform that...
  10. Gravity conveyor rollers assist in bends.

     An interesting little picture this week illustrates how small gravity rollers can be used alongside powered rollers to create smooth movement of smaller parts on a roller conveyor.Powered roller conveyors are an economical way to transfer parts. They are often used where an application requires a long run such as packing lines or warehouses.Gravity roller conveyor systems and their powered...

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