We've just acquired this fantastic conveyor is excellent

6m long x 1300mm wide.

Stainless steel slats.

High quality motor, bearings & controls.

Built in drip trays & drain plugs

Under 3 years old.

Please view additional information:

1.            What
industry/application is it from and which others may it be suitable for?

It was used in the casting industry on a washdown line moving heavy products, any heavy industry requiring to move products slowly.

2. What speed?

Estimated max speed is 300mm /m

3. Fixed or variable?

There is a SEW inverter in the panel for speed adjustment.

4. Height and if adjustable or not?

Its approx. 700mm high fixed but can be adapted to suit
customers height requirements.

5.            Would you
offer any warranty with it?

3 month warranty (Can discuss this depending on intended

6.            Weight it can convey per linear meter and max weight of one product?

1500-2000 kgs/m.

For more information and pricing please email info@asconveyorsystems.co.uk
or call Phil on 01772 690656.