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  1. Roller Conveyors.

    Roller Conveyors.
    Roller conveyor systems suppliers and manufacturers, AS Conveyor Systems can provide both flexible conveyors and fixed roller based conveyor systems in both gravity and powered.  These economical roller based conveyor systems are used for a multitude of applications. Our range of roller conveyors is wider than many other UK manufacturers or suppliers at very competitive prices. With frames in steel...
  2. Dorner’s Redesigned AquaPruf Conveyor Brings Users the Latest in Food Safety Features

    Dorner’s Redesigned AquaPruf Conveyor Brings Users the Latest in Food Safety Features
    Dorner’s philosophy of constant improvement is shown in its newly redesigned AquaPruf Conveyor, the latest iteration of its popular selling AquaPruf sanitary conveyor platform. Dorner is an industry leader in the design, application, manufacturing and integration of precision industrial and sanitary conveyor systems. Dorner listens to customers and responds to evolving market needs. The redesigned AquaPruf hygienically engineered stainless steel conveyor...
  3. What is Flexmove?

    What is Flexmove?
    Flexmove is flexible, plastic chain conveyor systems delivered in component form for easy assembly. Installation is available but the system is simple in design and able to be assembled with basic hand tools. Flexmove is a fully owned company of Dorner Conveyors and weare longstanding UK distributors for both Flexmove and Dorner. With components and modules equivalent, and sometimesinterchangeable, with more expensive conveyor...
  4. Where can I buy a miniature Belt Conveyor?

    Where can I buy a miniature Belt Conveyor?
    Quite often customers struggle to find a quality, cost effective, small belt conveyor. At AS Conveyors Ltd we make the process simple and light on the pocket by manufacturing and supplying our Type20 miniature Belt Conveyor. Beautiful engineering. Our miniature conveyor belt systems are compact and economical. Based on a standard machine building slotted aluminium profile and using positive belt...
  5. What are Slat Conveyors?

    What are Slat Conveyors?
    Or as we at AS Conveyors call them, Flexmove Aluminium Flexible Chain Conveyors. As the UK’s Distributor for Flexmove Slat conveyors we can help design, supply and install the full range from slot nuts up to full automated systems Beautiful Flexmove engineering. The Flexmove range of side flexible plastic chain conveyor systems (often described as slat conveyors) are manufactured to...
  6. High Rise Gravity Unloading Conveyors.

    High Rise Gravity Unloading Conveyors.
    Take a look at these fantastic High Rise Gravity Unloading Conveyors at even more fantastic prices. The most cost effective way to unload your containers and vehicles without a dock. All in a line ready to go. Built, inspected and tested before despatch. Free running gravity conveyor for loading & unloading trucks and containers. These high level unloaders are used where there is...
  7. Vehicle Loader & Unloader Conveyor – Flexible Tongue

    Vehicle Loader & Unloader Conveyor – Flexible Tongue
    Powered Vehicle loader complete with flexible tongue. Mobile powered belt and roller conveyor, fantastic at loading & unloading containers without the need of a dock leveller The Vehicle Loader is a mobile twin boom belt conveyor, which is versatile and manoeuvrable. Available in a wide choice of boom lengths to suit most container and trailer sizes. The twin belt machine...
  8. Dorner 1100 series miniature belt conveyor.

    Dorner 1100 series miniature belt conveyor.
    The 1100 Series micro conveyor platform is the industry’s smallest conveyor with a compact design featuring a 3/4″ frame height. This low profile enables the conveyor to fit into the tightest of spaces, freeing up valuable machine or worker space. 1100 series. 1100 Series Conveyors are best for: Small or light weight product movementSmall part transfersTray handlingPill package handlingPackage labellingPharmaceutical...
  9. Dorner Conveyors and manufacturing.

    Dorner Conveyors and manufacturing.
    Products Dorner offers a wide variety of industrial, aluminum frame and sanitary, stainless steel frame conveyors. With fabric belt, modular belt, and flexible chain options, our conveyors can be configured as straights, curves, inclines, declines, and Z-frames.  All Dorner conveyors are built-to-order and ship in as little as 72 hours! Dorner Flexmove with Transfer bridge. 1100 Series Dorner’s 1100 Series...
  10. Telescopic Dock leveller Gravity Unloading Conveyor.

    Telescopic Dock leveller Gravity Unloading Conveyor.
    The Telescopic Low Rise Gravity Unloader has been designed specifically as a cost effective solution for efficient loading and unloading of shipping containers and trailers over a level loading dock. Significantly reduces time taken to load or unload loose loaded trailers and shipping containers Has full penetration in to any trailer or shipping container Reduces number of personnel needed Reduces...

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